Our Process

1. Initial Contact
  • Contact Perth Home Extensions by email or telephone.

  • Should you have plans drawn up please proceed directly to 3.Contract below.

  • We will listen to your ideas and review any sketches you may have via email. The registered builder will speak with you not a sales person. The consultation is free of charge.

  • We will advise you of an approximate estimate at this stage.

  • Should you decide to proceed, we will schedule an appointment at a time of your convenience with a preliminary agreement outlining your immediate costs for the design phase for your approval.


2. Design
  • We will arrange a meeting with you and the Architect to discuss and create your custom design. He will listen to your concept ideas and work with you and the Builder to obtain the perfect Design for you.

3. Contract

  • Based on your finalised Design we will supply you with a fixed price for your review. All of the Build inclusions and specifications: tiling, fixtures, Insurances etc will be listed along with the works contract so there are no hidden discrepancies.

  • Once you have approved the fixed price we will prepare the contract documents and arrange a time to meet up.


4. Approvals

  • We will submit the relevant documents to the authorities for approval.
  • Once approvals have been met we may commence construction.

5. Construction
  • If you are supplying any items such as fixtures, tiles etc you will be required to have the items ready so as not to hold up the building process. We can guide you through this and provide you with a list of the required items.


  • A meeting is held prior to the commencement of the build to run through the construction stages in detail, ensuring you will be aware of what is happening in each stage of the project from concept to completion. 


  • We strive to ensure minimal discomfort to your lifestyle by building temporary walls and panels to seal off the construction area from the rest of your home and to provide the most stress free process for our clients undergoing extensions or renovations to their existing home.

5. Completion
  • Practical completion will be carried out with the builder and you.


  • Perth Home Extensions provides you with a six month maintenance period from the date of Practical Completion.

  • Once your project is complete we leave your home in a clean and tidy manner and ensure the site is free from debris.

  • To protect your valuable asset, a six year structural warranty on building works carried out by Perth Home Extensions is valid from the date of practical completion.





Call us on 08 6201 6148 or fill in the contact form below and we will contact you. Be sure to leave a description and a contact phone number

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