Tips and Tricks When Purchasing a Granny Flat

Buying a Granny flat is definitely a smart investment, however that doesn't mean it has to be a difficult or long drawn-out process. Purchasing a a granny flat that works on your block and compliments your home can actually be pretty simple and low-stress. These few tips will help you make buying your granny flat a little easier.

Know Your Budget

Firstly, you are going to have a lot of options for designs that will fit a wide range of budgets. You can help yourself by first determining your budget for your granny flat. Whether you're paying cash or financing your granny flat, knowing how much you are willing to spend will give you a better idea of the designs you will be looking at, and you won't waste your time on designs that aren't in your price range.

Choose the right Builder

Next you will need to choose a builder that can deliver the quality you require while also meeting your budget requirements. Modular Granny Flats are always going to be cheaper and inferior quality than custom designed onsite built Granny Flats.

Custom designed Granny Flats will complement and tie in with your existing property's design and block space. These are very important factors to consider with your investment as this will greatly affect your property's overall value.

Choose the Design that Works for You

When its time to choose your'e design, you will want to first consider your needs for your Granny Flat. Then you will want to consider how it will fit on your'e existing property and what kind of exterior finish will tie in with your existing home.

Considering your'e needs you will want to take a few things into account, including:

  • Who's going to be living there?

  • How many bedrooms will you need? ( Consider one bedroom may be used as a home office.)

  • Do you want a covered patio, and how many people will generally enjoy it at once?

  • Does your'e property have an odd shape?

  • Do you want a separate kitchen or an open kitchen/living room area?

Ask Plenty of Questions

Lastly, before you commit to a custom builder, don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you can. Ask what's included in the quote, what kind of modifications you can make and how much they will cost, how long the project is expected to take, what kind of orientation will be the most energy efficient for the flat, and more. There is nothing wrong with gathering all the information you need before you commit, and the more questions you ask, the more confident you will be in your builder and Granny Flat design.

Use these tips as you choose your custom builder in Perth, and if you have any questions at all or you are in need of advice for building the most energy efficient and spacious granny flat on a budget, do not hesitate to Contact Us today 08 6201 6148

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