Why you should consider a timber framed Home Extension or New Home

When building with lightweight timber framed construction your walls are approximately half the width of double brick and cavity with almost double the R Value (insulation rating). Why waste your precious m2 of living space with something twice the width and almost half of the energy efficiency?

WA is the ONLY state in Australia with a majority of double brick built homes. We believe this was due to marketing by large brick suppliers and volume builders with vested interests. With ALL other states preferring timber frame (structural) with a brick veneer facade or single skin timber framed or steel construction.

Timber framed construction is easily the most versatile, cost effective clean and green building material given that all the framing pine used is harvested from sustainable plantation sources and given that during the trees growth process it is providing oxygen to our planet. Renovating a timber framed home is infinitely easier, quicker and much, much less messy than cutting and adjusting masonry walls.

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